Healthy Drinks for a Healthy Lifestyle

Tupelo Honey: A Better Kind Of Sweet

A sweet tooth can be a difficult trait for many to deal with if they are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. After all, the allure of tasty slices of pie and cake can make an effort to maintain a healthier lifestyle a bit more of a challenge. Getting into the habit of moving away from refined or processed sugars can be a fantastic first step to better health. Tupelo honey is a delicious and all-natural way for those looking for a healthier diet to incorporate sweetness into the foods they love. Read on for a few examples of how to use Tupelo honey in ways that will make any mouth water. 

A Sweet Start 

Breakfast has long been known to be the most important meal of the day. Eating a healthy and balanced breakfast immediately prepares the body for the rest of the day and can be a great habit to get into if hoping to achieve a healthier lifestyle. While many kinds of cereal are processed with refined sugar, breakfast lovers can still have a bit of sweetness without compromising on their health. Tupelo honey works well in a variety of breakfast dishes, satisfying the sweet tooth while also providing a nourishing meal. Drizzling a tablespoon on top of plain nonfat yogurt, for example, would be a protein-packed delight that will soon become a favorite. Adding fresh fruit or homemade granola on top can take this delicious breakfast a step further. Those who prefer a more simple meal of toast with butter in the morning can enjoy the rich flavors of Tupelo honey by spreading a thin layer on their toast for a delicate yet mouthwatering taste. 

Bottoms Up

Tupelo honey also works incredibly well in drinks. Smoothies are an excellent way to incorporate a variety of fruits, vegetables, protein powders, and other nutritional additions to one's diet. For those who are new to making smoothies, the lack of sugar sweetness in their concoctions may be discouraging. Luckily, adding just a small amount of Tupelo honey to a smoothie mixture will prove to be far more enjoyable while still maintaining the nutritional benefits of the ingredients. Substituting sugar with honey in smoothies is also an excellent way to move towards using exclusively natural ingredients and can be used in all types of smoothies. A blueberry kale smoothie, for example, is a delicious and nutritious meal substitute that is perfect for a post-workout treat. Simply blend fresh kale, frozen blueberries, greek nonfat yogurt, ice, and a little bit of honey for a tasty smoothie that is perfect on a hot day. 

Delectable Desserts

Tupelo honey has a mild and slightly floral flavor, perfect for use in desserts without becoming too overwhelming. Desserts that prominently feature honey as an ingredient, such as baklava, would be a perfect recipe for those curious about how to best use this remarkable ingredient. Bread, including pumpkin, banana, or zucchini loaves, would also work remarkably well with the addition of Tupelo honey. Some may begin to notice that as time goes on, their sensitivity to regular sugar may increase, opting instead for the healthier and natural option of honey. This is perfectly normal and is actually a good sign that the body is acclimating to a healthier option while moving away from refined sugars. Additionally, those who deal with sensitivity to overly sweet foods or typical sugar will find that using Tupelo honey as a replacement for regular sugar will help them once again enjoy desserts without compromising on taste.