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How Flavored Water Can Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight is never easy. There are no magic pills or drinks you can take that will allow you to drop the pounds without putting in the effort. However, as surprising as it might sound at first, flavored water can help you lose weight. Yes — everyday flavored, sugar-free water that you can purchase at your local grocery or drugstore. Here's how you can use flavored water as a healthy, enjoyable weight loss aid.

1. Sip a bottle throughout the day to ward off cravings.

Did you know that many times, when you think you're hungry or are feeling peckish, you're actually just thirsty? If you keep flavored water with you throughout the day and sip it consistently, you will never reach the point of dehydration at which you truly feel the kind of thirst that is mistaken for hunger. This will help keep you from snacking, and it will also allow you to become more trusting of the hunger pangs you do experience. Since you know they're true hunger pangs, you can rely on them as a true indication that you need to eat something rather than wondering if you just need a drink.

2. Reach for flavored water instead of caloric beverages.

Look at the nutrition facts on some of the popular drinks people often reach for. Many sodas contain 200 calories or more per bottle. Even juice is laden with calories and sugar. Sure, you could reach for plain water, but you might not prefer the taste. Flavored water may satisfy your desire to drink something with true flavor without providing all those empty calories from sugar.

3. Put flavored water in your smoothies and shakes.

Smoothies can be a good weight loss tool, but only if you are able to make them in a low-calorie way. Using juice as the liquid base for your smoothie can quickly increase its calorie content. Try using flavored water instead. It will give your smoothie a good consistency while keeping the calorie content low. Throw in plenty of protein-rich ingredients like nut butter or yogurt, along with fiber-rich fruits and veggies, and you'll have an effective weight loss drink.

Flavored water can be a really great weight loss aid if you use it in one or more of the ways described above. Buy yourself a case in your favorite flavor or something with a variety of flavors through companies that supply flavored water for sale.